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Safe Nanotechnology in Cosmetic

Nanomaterials play critical roles in today’s world. Among them, nanoparticles are the most widely utilized group and they have been successfully utilized in many technological applications from electronics to medical industry.

Fine size of nanoparticles (typically <100 nm) brings unique properties that can not be achieved at larger sizes (i.e., in submicron or micron form). Although nanoparticles posses unique properties, their fine size may cause processing difficulties such as uncontrolled agglomeration, health and environmental problems. Consequently, when scientists deal with nanoparticles, they should not only focus on advantages of them and produce more and more of those particles but also be aware of the potential problems associated with such fine particles and develop new solutions to overcome such potential problems while maintaining unique properties of nanoparticles.

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mikron boyut, nano partikül, güneş kremi, uv, çinko oksit, uva, uvb,


High Purity Materials

High purity materials are used in applications where coating by physical vapor deposition and electrolysis techniques are applied. Nonreflective optical lenses, phosphoresence paints and ceramics, dielectric materials are applications where high purity materials are needed to get the necessary advanced properties.

Dielectric Materials

Our company develops and produce environmentally friendly and safe lead free barium titanate and strontium titanate powders for piezoelectric ceramic, capacitor, thermistor and varistor applications. High performance electrical properties can be obtained by chemical and physical property control.

Moleculer Sieve –  Adsorbant

Molecular sieves are used in many fields such as gas purification, humidity and organic removal. Each field have different demands so a variety of molecular sieves are needed to meet these demands.
In Entekno laboratories a variety of molecular sieves are produced and tailor made molecular sieves can also be developed.

Flame Retardants

Entekno are producing Al(OH)3(ATH) flame retardants having 25 µm particle size and 98% whiteness.
Entekno have also been making research to develop ATH flame retardants having 1 µm or less particle size.

Nano Materials

Nano materials are important in today’s technological developments in many fields such as electronics, medical and defence. When a material can be produced having a particle size less than 100 nm then extraordinary properties can be seen. We as Entekno are able to produce metal oxides having less than 100 nm particle size.

Additives for Polymers

Today new and extraordinary properties have been sought in existing materials. To accomplish the required demands using  additives is an alternative solution. Entekno is developing new and special additives that can be used to enhance certain properties such as thermal, mechanical especially for polimeric materials.

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Barium Titanate BaTiO3

Lead free barium titanate powders and ceramics produced by usign these powders are environmentally friendly and safe. Ceramic-polymer composite supercapacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, thermistors and sonars can be manufactured by using barium titanate powders.

Electrical properties can be further developed by the usage of several dopants in barium titanate powders.

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