2016 Dr. Akın Çakmakcı V. Thesis Award

Türkiye Teknoloji Geliştirme Vakfı Ödülü

The 5th thesis award of TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey) was given to Dr. A.Murat AVCI ,the chief of R&D department of Entekno, for his thesis named as “Synthesis of morphology controlled NaNbO3 and SrTiO3 electroceramic powders via molten salt method’’

Akın Çakmakçı Tez Ödülü Prof. Dr. Ender Suvacı, Anadolu University

2014 Best Presentation Award / Polyurethanes Techical Conference

The study of Kübra ORTAÇ et.al. named as “Effect of Montmorillonite based organoclay addition on the microstructure of rigid polyurethane” won the best presentation award in the Basic Chemistry field at Polyurethane Technical Conference which was held in Dallas, Texas, USA at 2014.

The study has been performed in collaboration with Entekno, Anadolu University and ARÇELİK Refrigerator Plant.

Polyurethanes Best Presentation 2014

2009 Elginkan Foundation Technology Award

The 2009 technology award of Elginkan Foundation was given to Prof.Dr.Ender SUVACI for his study on the “Development of the technology of anisometric ceramic powders for next generation lead free piezoceramics” 

Elginkan Vakfı Ödülü

2008 Hacettepe University Teknokent Award

Prof.Dr.Ender SUVACI won the first place in the 2007 Hacettepe University Teknokent Project Competition

Hacettepe Teknokent 2008 Teknoloji Ödülü