Nanomaterials play critical roles in today’s world. Among them, nanoparticles are the most widely utilized group and they have been successfully utilized in many technological applications from electronics to medical industry.

Fine size of nanoparticles (typically <100 nm) brings unique properties that can not be achieved at larger sizes (i.e., in submicron or micron form).

Although nanoparticles posses unique properties, their fine size may cause processing difficulties such as uncontrolled agglomeration, health and environmental problems. Consequently, when scientists deal with nanoparticles, they should not only focus on advantages of them and produce more and more of those particles but also be aware of the potential problems associated with such fine particles and develop new solutions to overcome such potential problems while maintaining unique properties of nanoparticles.

Accordingly, Entekno Materials researchers have been aware of this fact and they feel responsible to contribute some solution(s) on this issue to the World. As a result, Entekno Materials developed innovative MicNo® Particle Technology, provides both safe and environmentally benign nanoparticle solutions. Currently, The MicNo® Technology has been tailored (or fine tuned) for the requirements of specific applications including cosmetics, electronics, medical, water refining, etc.

Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

Our project STAR “SAFE, TRANSPARENT, ACTIVE AND RELIABLE MINERAL BASED SUNSCREEN INGREDIENT TECHNOLOGY” has been awarded with the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase I grand.

Within the 3rd call of 2016 of SME Instrument 1938 project from 40 different countries applied for the grand and only 189 SME’s from 24 countries has been managed to get the grand. STAR project is one of the 16 projects on the field of nano technology. STAR projects abstract is as follows:

Due to the depletion of ozone layer more harmful rays from sun are passing from this barrier. This leads a dramatic increase in the skin cancer incidence rate. The most widely accepted solution to overcome this health problem is to use sunscreen products. However, many of the sunscreens have some serious disadvantages and have difficulties to cover all the necessary protection needed for humankind. STAR project aims to commercialise a novel and ideal ingredient for sunscreens by utilising the patented technology MicNo® owned by Entekno Materials This new ingredient possesses the potential to solve the disadvantages while covering all the new protective aspects of an “ideal” sunscreen.

MicNo® ZnO particles are designed, platelet shaped micron particles which have a thickness of several nanometers. MicNo® ZnO’s unique particle morphology offers i) up to 50% reduction in raw materials usage to achieve the same broad UV protection; ii) mitigated health concerns related with nano particles; iii) transparent and smooth products without any leftovers and whitening; iv) an active ingredient that can be used to enhance sensorial properties of sunscreens, v) no or less amount of dispersing agent in formulations vi) chance to be different from other producers.