3rd International Cosmetic Congress

3rd International Cosmetic Congress 07-09 Nov 2019, Antalya/Turkey.

As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD organized the” Traditional International Cosmetic Congress” on November 7-9 in Antalya. This year the main theme of the congress will be “Minimalist Cosmetic Approaches”.
Scientific developments, innovations and approaches supporting the minimalist approach discussed at the 3rd International Cosmetic Congress. Formulation, technology, packaging, regulation, marketing, and environmental impacts of minimalist cosmetic approach analysed by valuable speakers with different areas of expertise.

As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), they expect the congress to provide an ideal platform for participants to share their experiences and discuss the latest developments in projects and innovations, new technologies applied to the industry in a multicultural and rich atmosphere.

KÜAD expect companies to increase their cooperation with universities by taking advantage of their specialization areas. Also, special meeting areas was be created in order for companies to create a platform of cooperation among themselves. At the same time, “Innovation Area” that new academic and sectoral studies and products are exhibited was the focus of the congress. In addition to the main sessions, parallel sessions were be held as previous years to lead the subjects to be discussed in detail.

Our Commercial Director Dr Cham S Kang was giving a talk on The Rise of Indie Brands. In its most basic definition, an indie brand is one that is independently owned & operated. In its most basic definition, an indie brand is one that is independently owned & operated. However, indie brands are usually more than that, often defined by their innovation & ability to connect with consumers in a more meaningful & personal way. With millennials driving the market, buying behaviours & demands of consumers are changing, opening the door for indie brands. Consumers are becoming more involved & educated when it comes to buying cosmetics & are demanding more of brands.

Our R&D team had a workshop on how to make natural sunscreen with MicNo®. We shared all the processes of the formulation with the participants.

  • 450+ Participants
  • 10+ Countries
  • 30+ Sponsors + Exhibitors
  • 30+ Supporting Associations