Entekno Materials was founded in 2008 in Eskişehir Technology Development Region. The Mission of the company is to develop and produce advanced materials and /or technologies and to realize the usage of these materials into real applications.


MicNo Particle Technology

Entekno researchers have been part of the scientific community focused to develop solutions to the challenges associated with nano particles to allow benefits of nano particles to be used in our society. Entekno Materials developing MicNo ZnO particle technology with unique properties and performance advantages of nano particle technology that is both safe and environmentally benign.

To achieve broad spectrum protection against the harmful UV-rays, MicNo® ZnO particle technology is the best choice for cosmetic applications. MicNo® ZnO is a tailored, platelet shaped, micron sized particle composed of nano primary particles. MicNo behaves like micron ZnO over the skin, since it does not penetrate through the skin, but still offers the transparent protection of nano ZnO.

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The main technological and scientific fields where Entekno Materials carry out research are:

  • Production of inorganic powder materials

  • Modification of powder surfaces

  • Production of specific materials

  • Composite materials production and development

  • Improvement of physical, chemical and thermochemical properties of materials

  • Nano materials synthesis and development

The main projects of Entekno are:

  • Development of lead free piezoelectric ceramics

  • Safe nano materials synthesis

  • Textured advanced ceramics production

  • High purity materials production

  • Flame retardant materials production

  • Production of nano additives for nanocomposites

We produce inorganic powders:

  • Dielectric materials

  • High purity materials

  • Flame retardants materials

  • Barium titanate

  • Strontium titanate

  • Barium carbonate

  • Bismuth oxide

  • Tantalum pentoxide

  • Aluminium hydroxide

The lead free piezoelectric materials produced by Entekno have been exported to 5 continents to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Australia, Sweden and Japan. Entekno have R&D collaborations with many of the important companies in Turkey such as Kümaş, Eczacıbaşı, Eti Alüminyun, Aselsan and Arçelik.

Entekno is working hard for a sustainable world by developing enviromentally friendly and safe materials as a bridge between the university and industry.

To develop and produce advanced materials and/or technologies and to realize the usage of these materials into real applications.

To be one of the leading companies in the world in the field of specialty particulate materials development and production for sustainable growth.

  • Openness

  • Creativity

  • Fast feedback

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Scientific Excellence

  • Faith for a better future