Entekno Materials was founded in 2008 in Eskişehir Technology Development Region. The Mission of the company is to develop and produce advanced materials and /or technologies and to realize the usage of these materials into real applications.


MicNo Particle Technology

Entekno researchers have been part of the scientific community focused to develop solutions to the challenges associated with nano particles to allow benefits of nano particles to be used in our society. Entekno Materials developing MicNo ZnO particle technology with unique properties and performance advantages like this safe and environmentally benign.

To achieve broad spectrum protection against the harmful UV-rays, MicNo® ZnO particle technology is the best choice for cosmetic applications. MicNo® particles are scientifically engineered novel platelet shaped micron particles. MicNo behaves like micron ZnO over the skin, since it does not penetrate through the skin, but still offers the transparent protection of nano ZnO.

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The main technological and scientific fields where Entekno Materials carry out research are:

  • Production of inorganic powder materials

  • Modification of powder surfaces

  • Production of specific materials

  • Composite materials production and development

  • Improvement of physical, chemical and thermochemical properties of materials

  • Nano materials synthesis and development

The main projects of Entekno are:

  • Development of lead free piezoelectric ceramics

  • Safe nano materials synthesis

  • Textured advanced ceramics production

  • High purity materials production

  • Flame retardant materials production

  • Production of nano additives for nanocomposites

We produce inorganic powders:

  • Dielectric materials

  • High purity materials

  • Flame retardants materials

  • Barium titanate

  • Strontium titanate

  • Barium carbonate

  • Bismuth oxide

  • Tantalum pentoxide

  • Aluminium hydroxide

The lead free piezoelectric materials produced by Entekno have been exported to 5 continents to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Australia, Sweden and Japan. Entekno have R&D collaborations with many of the important companies in Turkey such as Kümaş, Eczacıbaşı, Eti Alüminyun, Aselsan and Arçelik.

Entekno is working hard for a sustainable world by developing enviromentally friendly and safe materials as a bridge between the university and industry.

To develop and produce advanced materials and/or technologies and to realize the usage of these materials into real applications.

To be one of the leading companies in the world in the field of specialty particulate materials development and production for sustainable growth.

  • Openness

  • Creativity

  • Fast feedback

  • Responsibility

  • Honesty

  • Scientific Excellence

  • Faith for a better future


As an organization ENTEKNO A.Ş., is aware of its duties towards its employees, society and stakeholders, we have determined our mission of occupational health and safety as follows.

“For Entekno, safety is above everything else. Every member of Entekno has the right not to do a job which seen unsafe. Entekno management shows the best example with its words about occupational safety and, more importantly, its direct behavior. Entekno employees act with the awareness that they have crucial duties for safe behavior to ensure occupational safety. Each member of Entekno always performs his efforts for occupational safety by always seeing it is a priority and important, without getting flurried for the daily business works. As Entekno, our main goal is to be one of the leading companies that have adopted universal occupational safety culture and performs this culture in our country in the best way.“
As part of our mission, we are committing to comply with the following points while carrying out our activities together with all our employees, including top management.

  • To ensure the health and safety of our employees by evaluating all risks and opportunities and taking necessary measures and improving them continuously.

  • Complying with legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety in all our activities.

  • Ensuring the continuity and development of our occupational health and safety management system.

  • To provide trainings and to increase awareness of our employees for their health and safety.

  • Ensuring development by following technological and sectorial innovations about occupational health and safety and to eliminate the dangers at its source.

  • To provide the participation of our employees and suppliers in all our processes.


As ENTEKNO A.Ş., we undertake that we will carry out our activities within the scope of the following, with the vision of being one of the leading companies in the world in the development and production of special powder-based materials for a sustainable future.

  • Making production with high quality and hygienic conditions by increasing the level of production to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions.

  • To fulfill the needs and expectations of the customer without compromising our values in all processes.

  • Being one of the leading companies with its activities that continuously improving the quality management system by reviewing it.

  • Enhancing the customer satisfaction by complying with and based on national and international standards.

  • To carry out preventive studies by evaluating the risks that will arise during performing our products and services.

  • To offer our employees a happy, peaceful, development and learning-oriented environment for the qualified workforce of our country while carrying out our activities.

  • Reducing our costs, increasing efficiency and profitability and increase our competitiveness without making concession on our quality.

  • Effective cooperation with our suppliers by remaining in a win-win relationship.


With the awareness of the limited world resources, ENTEKNO A.Ş. aims to leave a livable and clean environment for a sustainable future by being aware of its responsibilities for the environment and society. For this purpose, we undertake that we will take the following values as basis while carrying out our activities.

  • In order to protect natural resources, we will carry out our activities within the scope of Green Chemistry principles, prevent pollution at its source, use limited raw materials and energy resources effectively, to provide less by-product.

  • Reducing losses and wastes by applying Atom Economy to achieve the highest efficiency in our operations.

  • To investigate the methods of re-evaluating the wastes that may occur as a result of our activities, and to dispose them legally.

  • Complying with applicable legal and other requirements related to the environment.

  • To improve the environmental performance in all our activities, to review the environmental management system continuously and to be ready for emergencies.

  • Enhancing the awareness of our employees about our responsibilities on environment and to ensure their participation.