Aluminium hydroxide (Al(OH)3 – ATH) is the most widely used inorganic flame retardant in the World. ATH is cost effective and non toxic flame retardant can be used in wide variety of molding compounds such as rubber, polyster and epoxy composites, polyurethane foams, latex based formulations, silicone, wall coverings, wire and cables. ATH flame retardants are in the non halogenated and low smoke and fume (LSF) category which is important for human health and environment.

Also, Worldwide regulations (Reach, Rohs, WEEE directives in EU, US EPA independent commitment by OEMs etc.) increase the pressure on the use of non halogenated and LSF flame retardants. The working principle of ATH as a flame retardant is based on thermal decomposition of aluminium hydroxide into aluminium oxide and water molecules at around 200-220°C. These released water molecules cool the surface of the burning material, decrease the concentration of burnable gases in the surroundings and suppress the smoke.

Entekno is producing Al(OH)3 (ATH) flame retardants having 25 µm particle size and 98% whiteness. Entekno has a wide range of particle sizes to allow the compounder to produce composites with high loadings of ATH which improves flame retardancy and most of the physical properties. Some important properties for flame retardants are listed below:

  • Decomposition temperature,

  • Toxicity (effects on human health and environment),

  • Cost,

  • Specific gravity,

  • Optical properties (colour, refractive index etc),

  • Effect on mechanical and electrical properties of the final product

Conventional powder production methods are used for the production. Aluminum hydroxide (ATH) powders can be used as flame retardant additive for polymer applications and production of aluminum oxide powders.

Chemical purity: > %99.5
Whiteness: > %97
Particle size: 20-25 µm

Raw material for alumina production
Flame retardant applications

Minimum 25 kg packages

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aluminium hydroxide