barium carbonate

Morphology controlled barium carbonate powder has been developed by Entekno Materials Corp.

Purity: >%99.5
Morphology: Equiaxed
Particle size: < 1 µm

Ferroelectric ceramic production
Special glass production

500 gr
1 kg
5 kg

BaCO3 occurs in nature as the mineral witherite. Also it can be synthesized from barite mineral by reduction barium sulphate (BaSO4) with carbon sources. BaCO3 crystallizes in three polymorphisms such as orthorhombic and cubic.

It is used in electroceramics (BaTiO3 etc), ceramics, paints, enamels, rubber and certain plastics, oil drillin wells, manufacturing fireworks, and rat poisons. BaCO3 is very important chemical for brick and tile producers for solving efflorescence and scumming problems. It is used for removing sulfates in phosporic acid production. Barium carbonate with higher purity levels (> 99,5%) is usefull for electroceramic industry. Nano-barium carbonate has several potential applications in fields of science and technology.

BaCO3 nano particles and their composites show good catalytic activity for solid oxide fuel cathodes. Lanthanide doped barium carbonate structures are good candidates for optical materials of photonic device with their luminescence properties. Morphology controlled synthesis of BaCO3 has also become attractive for different areas such as medicine, cosmetics, pigments, nano devices, etc. Researchers have synthesized bunch-like, dumbell, double dumbell and flower like barium carbonate crystals by using natural gums in hydrothermal conditions (Sreedhar, B., Satya Vani, Ch., Keerthi Devi, D., Basaveswara Rao, M.V., Rambabu, C., “Shape controlled synthesis of barium carbonate microclusters and nanocrystallites using natural polysachharide-gum acacia” American Journal of Materials Science, 2,2012)

Another interesting application of BaCO3 is sulphate removing from drinking water. Elevated levels of sulphate (exceeding 400 mg/l) can experience diarrhea and dehydration. BaCO3-PVC composites have potential to remove sulphates from water.

Entekno produce high purity (upto 3N) and morphology controlled barium carbonate from domestic resources to cover a wide range of features for use in many applications.

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