Clean Beauty; From Niche to Mainstream

Clean beauty has steadily moved from being a niche market to entering the mainstream, with an eighth consecutive year of growth in Europe. This past year the number of COSMOS certified beauty products in Europe doubled to more than 10,000 with 794 brands boasting organic products.

Organic Certification Standards & MicNo®

Todays consumers are more educated, socially & environmentally conscious & aware than ever before. Coupled with the concept of clean beauty making a big push into the cosmetics market, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a focus on natural & organic products is the way of the future.

MicNo®, ZnO not as you know it

Zinc Oxide (ZnO) is an inert, natural mineral that is commonly used in cosmetics as a thickening, lubricating, & sunscreen active ingredient. Zinc Oxide is a physical UV filter that provides the safest, most comprehensive broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

MicNo – ZnO: The Clean Beauty UV Filter

Mineral-based sunscreen filters such as TiO2 and ZnO offer a natural solution to UV protection in personel care products compared to traditional organic filters which can be harmful to humans and environment. Among UV filters, zinc oxide (ZnO) is the only globally approved UV filter that can provide broad spectrum UV protection by blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Kinder to skin formulations with MicNo

Having sensitive skin can be a real challenge for consumers when it comes to buying cosmetics. It does, however, present an opportunity for cosmetics companies. It is becoming increasingly common for people to consider themselves as having sensitive skin.

MicNo® A Clear Choice for UV Protection

Ender Suvaci, Tümerkan Kesim, Zuhal Sapan and Chamkaur Kang present a zinc oxide powder that combines the high transparency and SPF protection of nano-sized particles with the favourable safety profile of micron ZnO.

High SPF for customer protection with MicNo® UV filter

In the ever-changing landscape of sun protection products, consumers are struggling to keep up & understand the cosmetic industry’s current sun protection message. The high mortality rate from UV ray associated melanomas, one person dies of melanoma every hour & 86% of melanomas are caused by UV rays from the sun, means that it is widely accepted by consumers that protection of the skin from the sun is a necessity.

Mineral UV Filters: Entekno, our commitment to protect marine ecology

The world’s coral reefs are under threat. It is estimated that by 2050, 90% of reefs will die due to rising temperatures, with climate change the biggest threat to coral reefs. Overfishing, pollution & nutrient enrichment from agricultural runoff & sewage are also considered significant threats to coral reef health.

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