MicNo® Daily Care Application

Entekno Materials have innovated MicNo®, a novel Zinc Oxide (ZnO) form that is kinder on skin using their novel MicNo® ZnO Particle Technology. A tailored, hexagonal platelet, micron sized particle, MicNo® overcomes the disadvantages while combining the benefits of commercially available micron & nano ZnO.

MicNo® is a single novel ingredient with the added value of,

  • UVA, UVB & Blue Light protection

  • High SPF ratio per % mass

  • High transparency

  • None whitening

  • Natural ingredient

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Excellent dispersion properties

  • Very low uncontrolled agglomeration

  • Opportunity for formulations to be preservative free

ZnO is already in use in daily care products as a bulking agent, colourant & skin protectant. For formulators wishing to add UV protection to daily care products, ZnO works well since it is considered the most effective broad-spectrum UV filter.

MicNo® has a higher absorbance of UV rays than conventional micron & nano ZnO. This results in a higher protection against UVA, UVB & Blue Light by percentage mass & a higher SPF ratio per percentage mass.

With its novel hexagonal shape, MicNo covers a larger surface area per percentage mass than conventional ZnO. This means less ingredient is required to achieve the formulators needs, allowing for more cost-effective formulations.

The broad spectrum antimicrobial properties of MicNo® allow for formulations with less ingredients. Less preservatives are required if MicNo® is included in formulations, with preservative free formulations a possibility. Reduction of preservatives makes the formulation kinder to skin & the environment & also translates to lower formulation costs.

Research has shown MicNo® has a very positive profile for cytotoxic, genotoxic & phototoxicity, making MicNo more biocompatible & safer for humans & the environment. MicNo® does not accumulate in plant roots or permeate the skin’s epidermis, decreasing the chances of allergic reactions.

MicNo® exhibits a higher visible light transparency resulting in none whitening formulations but with a continuous coating over the skin with pore channels that make ventilation of the skin efficient, bringing a cooling effect in addition to smooth, visually & aesthetically pleasing formulations.

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MicNo® powders exhibit high UV protection and good visible light transparency. In-vitro results according to COLIPA Standard Analysis of daily care formulations with MicNo shows High & Broad Spectrum UV protection and well visible light transparency.