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Since being founded in 2008, Entekno Materials has been developing environmentally friendly products for a sustainable future.

Entekno continues its activities for the realization of new technologies in the cosmetics, ceramics and electroceramic sectors by conducting R&D studies in the field of production of advanced technology powder-based inorganic materials.


Environmentally friendly products with
respectful of nature production technologies

With the vision of being one of the world's leading companies in the field of developing and producing particulate materials for sustainable growth,
Entekno continuously improves its processes and continues to carry out environmentally friendly studies with its stakeholders.


The Entekno Way


Entekno hopes for a better world by practicing scientific excellence.


Honesty is the key characteristic of our company's culture to build foundations of trust with colleagues, stakeholders & customers.


Kindness is a key element of our values; we believe kindness brings greater team stability, creativity & innovation.

As our Commercial Director Dr. Cham S. Kang says: "When others may act with frustration & anger, Entekno will always act with kindness!"

Scientific Excellence

Scientific Excellence is the beating heart of all that we do at Entekno, we are driven by the desire to innovate to sustain our planet with Scientific Excellence.


Sustainability for our world, for Entekno, for our self, for our family & for our country. Without one of these is missing there is no hope for the future.

Here in Entekno, we use least energy for our production so that we will create less Carbon emission for the World which is critical for World's Sustainability.


We believe respecting Earth & life in all its diversity is the key for recognising that all beings are interdependent & every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings which is why

is our brand's primary hashtag.

EnteknoCares securing the Earth’s bounty & beauty for present & future generations.

The Entekno Way