High purity materials are used as coating materials for laser and optical systems (night vision systems, telescopes etc.), high technology electronics, fuel cell and solar energy compounds. Entekno, produce high purity materials in powder form. These powders can be used in Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) systems. Purity levels are controlled in the range of 99.95-99.99 %.

High purity materials are listed below:

  • Ta2O5

  • BaCO3

  • Nb2O5

  • Bi2O3

Ta2O5 are used in electronical, optical and laser systems, Nb2O5, Bi2O3, BaCO3 are used in capacitors, lead free ferroelectrics etc.

high purity materials

Laser Systems

high purity materials

Night Vision

Coating Applications

There are some requirements for materials for coating applications:

  • Chemical Purity: Purity of material affects both coating properties and evaporation behaviour during PVD or CVD. Chemical purity can be measured by ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GDMS and XRF.

  • Physical properties: Particle size, density of granules or tablets, crack formation in tablets or disks are important parameters for evaporation materials.

Tantalum oxide shows a wide spectral range of high transparency. It can be used as high refractive index material.
Niobium oxide has higher refractive index than tantalum oxide.

Tantalum and niobium oxide can be used in antireflective coatings for lenses. Relatively high impurity levels of heavy metal ingredients can degrade thin film properties.

These impurity levels are controlled in production and analyses process by Entekno.

high purity materials

Electronic Applications

High purity barium carbonate and strontium carbonate are important raw materials for titanate based dielectrics.

These dielectrics are used in capacitor, sensor, thermistor and transducer applications. Entekno, produce purity and morphology controlled barium and strontium carbonates from domestic minerals.

high purity materials

Dielectric components for electric-electronics

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