UV Filter for Sunscreens

The ozone layer, the natural UV – filter of the earth, is getting thinner. As a result, more harmful rays from the sun are passing through this natural barrier. UVA and UVB rays passing through the barrier can cause deoxyrlbonucleic acid (DNA) damage in the skin which can lead to photo aging and more critically skin cancer.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) the incidence rate of skin cancer in European Union (EU) is 13.2 (per 100.000) which is one of the top 10 reasons of all cancer types. The most widely accepted solution to overcome this health problem is to use sunscreen and/or cosmetic products with UV filtering capability regularly and efficiently. Accordingly, usage of sunscreen has become a must because of the negative environmental conditions, and this resulted in the sunscreen markets to reach 6 billion US dollars.

mineral-based uv filter uva & uvb

Our company Entekno Materials, developed a patented novel technology called MicNo particle technology. MicNo particles are designed plated shaped micron particles which are composed of chemically bonded nano primary particles in order to mitigate disadvantages of both micron and nano size particles exhibit characterics of both micron and nano particles that means they behave like sade micron particles over the skin whereas they behave like transparent nano particles under visible light. Consequently, these particles are called as Micno that is a combination of Micron and Nano particles.

MicNo ZnO particles over commercially available nano particles in terms of their in vitro cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, and phototoxicity tests on human skin keratinocyte cells were performed. The extensive and detailed test results Show that MicNo ZnO particles exhibit much less cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, and photo genotoxicity in the presence of UVA with respect to the ZnO nanoparticles. That means biocompatibility of MicNo ZnO particles is much better than that of the ZnO nanoparticles. Moreover, when MicNo is compared with respect to micron and nano sized ZnO as a UV filter, it has advantages such as better surface coverage of the skin and transparency while causing no safety risk for the human kind and environment.

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