Main field of activities of our Research & Development Department are catagorized below:

  • R&D for Cosmetics Applications

  • R&D for Inorganic Powders

  • R&D for Advanced Materials

The Research & Development Department of Entekno is composed of dedicated scientists and researchers that are commited to continuous innovation and quality. Materials scientists, chemists, chemical engineers and biologists all contribute to the multidisciplinary environment at Entekno Laboratories. Our R&D Team have been heavily involved in writing and conducting industry and academic projects in Turkey and around the world. The units in the R&D Team and their responsibilities in brief are as follows:

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Speciality Inorganic Particulate Materials (SIPM)

research & development

Novel powder and powder-based technologies are developed for applications in cosmetics, dielectrics, ferroelectrics and optoelectronics in SIPM Team. The Team has access to powder synthesis and characterization facilities at Entekno and some universities in Turkey.

In-situ or post processes such as coating and doping are commonly employed to tailor material properties and develop new materials and technologies according to specific needs.

Product Application Laboratory (PAL)

research & development

PAL Team is responsible for development of cosmetic formulations such as sunscreens, BB creams, rash creams, moisturizers and daily creams using powders developed at SIPM. The formulations serve as guidelines for customers who would like to work with Entekno’s products.

We make sure the efficacy and performance of our products is at the highest level possible by designing and researching novel cosmetic formulations. We also have an in-vitro SPF and UVAPF testing facility to evaluate the UV-blocking performance of developed formulations.

Microbiology (MB)

research & development

Our experienced MB Team perfroms microbiological quality and challenge test to cosmetic raw materials, our products and cosmetic formulations to evaluate their performance. We can aslo assess preservatives and actives’ microbiological efficacy in our facilities.

Evaluation and enumaration of microorganisms are carried out following series of ISO standards.