MicNo® Sensitive Skin & Baby Care Application

Zinc oxide is a commonly used ingredient in sensitive and baby care products because it acts as a protective barrier for the skin. Entekno Materials has designed & developed an innovative platelet shape MicNo® ZnO Particle Technology that provides baby care applications with a single novel ingredient for high efficient protection of the sensitive skin.

MicNo® particles is a Novel ingredient for related applications with the added value of;

  • UVA, UVB & Blue Light protection

  • High SPF ratio per % mass

  • High transparency

  • None whitening

  • Natural ingredient

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Excellent soothing properties

  • Ease any irritation or itching

  • Anti rash effect

  • Opportunity for formulations to be preservative free

High protection profile for baby care products

MicNo® has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against a range of micro-organisms & fungi. Since MicNo® can show high profile protection properties, the amount of MicNo® used as an active ingredient in sensitive skin & baby care applications will be lower than normal zinc oxide. Due to MicNo’s unique platelet shape, it can also ease irritation (itching & rash) in a very short time.

MicNo® technology offers the opportunity for decreased or preservative free formulations, due to its unique shape. The need for less preservatives would result in kinder to skin & environment formulations but also a decrease in total formulation ingredients which could translate to reduced formulation costs.

Not only is MicNo® a superior active ingredient, it is also a safer option. Research has shown MicNo® has a very positive profile for cytotoxicity, genotoxicity & phototoxicity, making MicNo® more biocompatible & safer for humans & the environment.

According to patch test results from accredited laboratories performed in 20 volunteers show that formulations with MicNo® did not cause any irritation on skin. Excellent safety profile of MicNo® are suitable for use in sensitive skin and baby care products.

After 72 Hours Total Readings: 0
Total Reading Number: 2

Regarding the results of the patch test performed in 20 adult volunteers, “application” product has been found as “Non Irritant”.

MicNo Product Portfolio

NameProduct Application
MicNo*MicNo PowderAll products
MicNo CSA-N*MicNo Coated Stearic Acid - NaturalNatural & water-based products
MicNo CSICoated Silicone MicNoChemical based products
MicNo DABMicNo C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate DispersionNon-natural products
MicNo DCC – N*MicNo Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Dispersion/Natural Natural products
MicNo CSI - DABCoated Silicone MicNo C12/15 Alkyl Benzoate DispersionChemical based products

(*) Approved by Cosmos

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