strontium titanate

Entekno Materials has three types of strontium titanate powder products.
First is “equiaxed” powder which has <300 nm particle size. Second is “ready to press-RTP” powder which is produced from equiaxed powder improved for your easy shaping process. Third is “modified” SrTiO3, also produced from equiaxed particles for easy disperson process to form polymer composites.

Equiaxed, submicron sized SrTiO3 powder has been developed by Entekno Materials.

Purity: >%99.5
Morphology: Equiaxed
Particle size: < 200 nm

strontium titanate

Ferroelectric ceramic and capacitors

500 gr
1 kg
5 kg

Ready to press powders have developed with special binder/plasticizer recepies for

  • Easy pressing
  • No ash forming after binder burnout process

High dielectric polymer composites are used in electronic devices and electrical systems. Our modified strontium titanate powder has excellent properties with its high dielectric constant, low loss, surface area, particle size, particle size distribution and dispersion properties to use in polymer composites. In case of polymer -matrix composites some low cost shaping techniques like screen printing, tape casting, injection molding can be used in device fabrication.

Nanosized inorganic fillers (BaTiO3, SrTiO3 etc.) give enhanced thermomechanical, dielectric and optical properties to polymer composites. Studies show that biocompatible chitosan and cellulose based biopolymers can be used with SrTiO3 nanoparticles to form bio-composites for electronic applications (Declet-Vega, A., Ramos, N., Montoya, S., Suarez, O., “Bio-composites reinforced with SrTiO3 nanoparticles: mechanical behaviour and degradability”,Journal of Composites Science, 2019)

It can be used in microwave capacitors, flat panel displays, thermistors and varistors, semiconductive ceramics, pyroelectric detectors. These titanate based polymer composites are used to overcome “Electromagnetic interference-EMI” problem which is the side effect of various devices such as cellular phones, television, radars, telephone microwave delay systems. Sambyal et al. Reported that barium-strontium titanate- polymer composites have good properties for EMI shielding applications (Sambyal, P., Singh, A., Verma, M., Farukh, M., Singh, B., Dhawan, S.,”Tailored polyaniline/barium strontium titanate/expanded graphite multiphase composite for efficient radar absorbtion”, RSC Advances, 24, 2014)

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